Premium Vinyl Seawalls

Do you own waterfront property and think you don't need a seawall? Think again. Even if you don't live on the ocean the threats from mother nature can be severe. A seawall is the #1 defense against storm damage, flooding and soil erosion. It also helps to stabilize the soil and can extend your usable property, making it easier to maintain and enjoy. A quality seawall also adds value to your property, and may even lower your homeowner's insurance.

Seawall Material Options

Failed Steel Seawall


  • Strong & expensive
  • Rusts/decays with continued water exposure
  • Contains environmentally-hazardous chemical
Failed Concrete Seawall


  • Strong & expensive
  • Porus
  • Iron rebar rusts and weaken the concrete causing it to settle and crack
Failed Wood Seawall


  • Less expensive & weaker
  • Susceptible to UV radiation
  • Decays due to marine borers and continued water exposure
  • Contains environmentally-hazardous chemicals
Vinyl Seawall is best choice


  • Strong & affordable
  • UV protection
  • Low maintenance
  • No marine borers or water decay
  • Long warranty

Riverfront Docks is proud to install vinyl seawalls using products from Everlast Synthetic Products (ESP), the leading manufacturer of vinyl sheet pilings with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Quality Seawall Installer

Failed Wood Seawall Quality Seawall Installer Strong Vinyl Seawall New Vinyl Seawall Install

Quality installation is the difference between success and seawall failure. Choose a professional marine contractor that guarantess their work like Riverfront Docks. All of our seawalls are built to last and feature:

Pressure treated with CCA = Chromated Copper Arsenate. Higher number equals greater concentration and more protection.

Riverfront Docks Vinyl Seawall Construction